Toronto Lines Up For Tahini at Parallel on Geary Ave

As if Toronto didn’t already have a plethora of delicious foodie neighbourhoods to chose from, Geary Avenue springs up and surprises us all. The up-and-coming culinary scene along this 1.5km stretch can be found between Dovercourt and Dufferin, just north of Dupont.

Most Torontonians have never heard of Geary Ave until now as it’s a more traditional manufacturing zone. In recent years the street has welcomed a pizzeria, pasta factory, craft brewery, honey boutique and Parallel, a brunch-tastic Middle Eastern restaurant located in a sun-soaked industrial building.

On weekends the place gets packed with brunch lovers, who arrive in droves to tuck into a fresh and flavourful menu inspired by the Levant. Skip to the back of the restaurant’s dining room and you’ll find the star of the show, two large slabs of volcanic basalt stones from Syria which mill Ethiopian sesame seeds into a creamy sesame butter. March up to the second floor dining room and you’ll notice Parallel’s innovative use of the space above its bathrooms, a lush herb garden primed for plucking!

At Parallel you can enjoy the restaurant’s freshly ground tahini in a myriad of ways: enjoyed simply dipped with freshly baked pita, doused over the kitchen’s delicious savoury dishes, twirled into a fruit smoothie, transformed into sweet halva, or as take home jars labelled pure, beet, or smoked sesame butter.

Highlights from the kitchen include any of the hummus plates (a meal all on its own, so be sure to bring friends so you can share a few dishes together), a plate of perfectly crispy falafel, and the Iraqi dish Arais featuring a lamb and beef kebab filled pita served with roasted yam and a spicy tomato salad.

Truffle Hummus | soy mushrooms, truffle tahini, parsley

Herb Falafel | tahini, parsley, olive oil

Arias | lamb and beef kebab filled pita, yam, tahini, spicy tomato salad

Halva | vanilla, matcha, coffee, cookies and cream, banana and chocolate, dark chocolate and salt

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