Toronto’s Aloette is the French Diner of Your Dreams

For those foodies in Toronto who have been salivating over Chef Patrick Kriss’ pretty plates at Alo but either can’t manage to snag a reservation or don’t have the pocketbook to splurge…let me introduce you to Aloette.

The petite space on Spadina opened with excitement last Fall and with a no-reservations policy and more affordable a la carte options, a visit to Alo’s low-key sister restaurant is an opportunity to fork through Chef Patrick’s award winning culinary imagination.

The 38-seat gem finds its sweet spot as a marriage between French bistro and classic American diner. Its sleek interior feels futuristic and as you step inside for the first time you’ll likely wonder if you’ve teleported into a vintage train dining car. Design nerds will find magic in the details as the space is outfitted with a mix of wood and leather, penny-tile flooring, barrel-vault ceiling, swivel stools at the bar and intimate booths.

Aloette’s culinary team have gotten playful with traditional diner dishes, adding a French flare to the parade of plates that fly out of the kitchen. Highlights include Crispy Squash smothered in brown butter, a pretty Beet Salad adorned with pomegranate and malt crumb, crunchy Chicken Katsu paired with daikon and ginger, and Aloette’s signature burger served open-face on the plate and topped with drool-worthy fried Beaufort.

Crispy Squash | brown butter, pumpkin seed, parmesan

Beet Salad | pomegranate, yoghurt, quinoa, malt crumb

Chicken Katsu | scallion, ginger, aioli, daikon

Aloette Burger and Fries | beaufort cheese, onion, lettuce, pickle

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