TIFF17 | Lady Bird is a Coming of Age Tale Through the Eyes of Greta Gerwig

One of the most buzzed about indie films at TIFF, Lady Bird is Greta Gerwig’s hilarious and sharp biopic set in her hometown of Sacramento.

Christine McPhereson (Saoirse Ronan) – affectionately known and self-proclaimed as Lady Bird – is an ambitious, bright and wildly creative high school senior. She’s desperate to fly away from suburban Sacramento, dreaming of a different life on the east coast filled with skyscrapers, nerdy universities and a thriving cosmopolitan culture.

With humble grades and no alumni connections, Lady Bird needs extracurriculars to make her college application more desirable. She joins the drama club and becomes a member of the school’s quirky theatre tribe which has her soon making new friends, first loves and indulging in a busy social life.

Anyone who has felt like an outsider in high school will relate to Gerwig’s brilliant screenplay, showcasing a hopeful soul who feels her family life “on the other side of the tracks,” is holding her back from fulfilling her dreams. She constantly has to walk on eggshells around her critical mother, who wants her to stick around at home and go to an affordable state school. We get a glimpse into her moms own desires, as the duo on one sad day indulge in their favourite activity, faux window shopping at open houses for luxurious homes they simply can’t afford.

With her dad recently laid off, her mom working double shifts as a nurse, and her brother and his girlfriend – Berkeley grads – working at the local supermarket, she is accultely aware that her future prospects look bleak.

Lady Bird brilliantly showcases those awkward high school years – the hot guy who’s terrified to come out as gay, the innocent virgin serious about giving it up to a true love, and everyones desperate need to feel pretty and popular. Lady Bird proves that audiences crave stories featuring heroic teenage girls and is certain to go down in history as America’s fave coming-of-age feminist film.

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