King Brewery Vienna Lager


This past November I traveled through the Czech Republic with a group of Toronto based food and beverage personalities hosted by Pilsner Urquell. David Ort was on #TeamPilsner and I was delighted to hop over the Atlantic with him to devour plates towering with Frankfurter and Schnitzel. I’ve known Mr. Ort for some time now, an expert in Toronto’s beer scene and a passionate food writer, we’ve enjoyed many-a-media-dinner as tableside companions.

When I discovered Mr. Ort had just finished working tirelessly on his first cookbook I figured I had to have him over to my apartment for a swig and chit chat. It was a cold early December afternoon when David arrived at my doorstep. He popped open the back door and let his bottles of beer cool outside, a true Canadian tradition, winters natural refrigerator.

David’s Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook was created as an extension of his own literary sandbox, Food With Legs. It is here where David takes the time to explore his own geeked out interests online, from urban gardening, restaurant profiles, beer reviews and recipe development. His passion for Canadian Craft Beer as well as tinkering in the kitchen fuelled a year long project which would have him collaborating with breweries across the country and experimenting over the stove. The craft beer movement in Canada has really exploded in the last few years and David well aware of the popular niche wanted to ensure that his cookbook celebrated variety in beer styles but also wasn’t a book you’d just gift to your uncle famed for his beer belly. The recipes within celebrate beer not just as a sipper but as an essential ingredient in the kitchen.

With just a few days before the Christmas holidays, David brought over two of his favourite festive recipes: a moist Porter Ginger Bread (pg 128) and addictive maple smoked beer nuts (pg 22). I rushed outside and grabbed a now cold bottle of King Brewery Vienna Lager, pouring into two glasses, clinking a cheers. David’s comments on the beer in hand, “King Brewery is  recognized as a leader in brewing authentic and true to style lagers in Ontario.” Brewed in Nobleton Ontario, the Vienna Lager is brewed with Vienna malt and noble hops. The beer pours amber and offers a medium body with gentle cream and slight malty sweetness. Beer fans in Ontario should grab a bottle with pride as this particular brew was awarded the Silver Medal at the 2012 World Beer Championships!


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