Muskoka Brewery Harvest Ale


It was the eve before Thanksgiving and I had just arrived at my parents house in Oakville for two days of rest, relaxation and gluttonous revelry. All afternoon it poured rain and once the clouds finally took a break my mothers garden offered up bright green floral inspirations. The back patio was covered in wet autumn leaves and with nothing more to do than twiddle my thumbs I cracked open a bottle of beer and grabbed my camera for a wee wet photo shoot.

Perfect timing to find a cold bottle of Muskoka Brewery’s Harvest Ale chilling in the fridge. Ontario’s cottage country favorite craft brewer, Muskoka Brewery pioneered its first limited edition speciality beer five years ago. The 2013 release is packaged in a signature 750 mL bottle, a perfect replacement to your average bottle of wine and an opportunity to share sips at the table with friends and family. This years Harvest Ale makes the eyes bulge and mug smug. Clocking in at 7% alcohol, I slowly sipped the bold and hoppy brew with my parents as we readied for “dinner to make itself.” The beer sits in the glass a translucent amber, offers a grassy aroma and sips with a complexity worthy of table talk chitter chatter which concludes in a whimsical “wow.”

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