Review: Grumans Deli, Calgary

My visit to Grumans Deli was one of the culinary tourism features in my Destination Guide Travel to Calgary Alberta

I began my final morning in Calgary waddling south on Centre Street to 11th Ave. I swayed on the sidewalk while readying my belly for a proper Jewish feast at Grumans Deli. The spacious dining room is reminiscent of a classic New York + Montreal delicatessen with black and white family photos of the Gruman family hanging proudly on its walls.

It was a Sunday morning and the spot was bustling with the local brunch crowd. I was joined at the table by Alyssa from Tourism Calgary who raved about the place. I needed a bit of a pick-me-up wake up so started off with a mug of coffee. After downing one cup I stared up at her and exclaimed, “My lord I think I just got smacked in the face with caffeine. I can’t feel my hands and your head is hovering over time and space.” The coffee here is rocketfuel magic.

Grumans offers classic Jewish nosh, a culinary tradition which I’ve had a craving for ever since I was a little kid. My cousins are Jewish so I grew up nibbling on classic Jewish fare whenever visiting their house. My Aunt used to make an addictive bowl of matzho ball soup and I always enjoyed toasty bagels with tuna and egg salad and plump dill pickles.

Alyssa and I scanned the menu and locked in our orders. We spent the next two hours nibbling here and there, crunching and munching on this and that. Highlights included sweet rugelah, crispy potato latkes and knishes, a melt in your mouth Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich on rye, egg salad and an artery clogging Smoked and Poached Breakfast Poutine featuring hash browns topped with curd, smoked meat, poached egg and drizzled with hollandaise. If you’re looking to fill up and cure your weekend hangover drop into Grumans for an adventurous stroll through their top notch deli offerings.

Special thanks to Tourism Calgary  for hosting me as their guest.

Brunch Feasting:


Potato Latkes

Potato Knishes

Old Fashioned Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

mustard, rye, potato salad

Tuna Melt

sweet cheese, beefsteak tomatoes, albacore tuna, open faced challah bread

Egg Salad on Rye Toast

Smoked and Poached Breakfast Poutine

montreal smoked meat, cheese curds, poached eggs, hashbrowns, lemon hollandaise

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