Review: Menchies, Toronto

I’ve been obsessed with frozen yogurt since I was a little kid. I grew up down the street from a Yogen Fruz and always looked forward to summer afternoons when my parents would treat the family to a frozen feast. We’d scoop to our hearts content, oh the good ol days…things have changed so much since then.

Menchies stores have been launching across Canada like wildfire. Canadian’s are obsessed with yogurt (we are one of the largest per capita consumers on earth) so no shock that this US based “do it yourself” yogurt concept has been finding its own success in the land of the maple.

I was interested to check out the Menchies frozen yogurt experience where flavours run wild and toppings offer endless opportunities for mix and matching in the bowl. My good friend Jonathan is a Menchies fanatic so after receiving two VIP cards in the mail I knew he would have to be my date. The small print on the card reads: “There is no limit to the size of yogurt and it includes topping and sauces as well.” Winning!

So with great enthusiasm one hot summer day we hustled over to Menchie’s in an attempt to create the most excessive yogurt cup duo known to man. Every ice cream and frozen yogurt fans dream is maximizing your toppings so I wanted to take this love affair to a whole new level and make it my very own reality. A once in a lifetime dairy-centric bacchanal.

I first sampled a few of the flavours and then grabbed a sugar cone stuffed cup. I filled a trio: rich dark chocolate, cotton candy and lemon cake. I wanted to create an edible masterpiece that was so excessive it would cause other customers to turn their head and gawk. The right side of my cone was decorated with slow pokes and crispy crunch pieces, the left with plump strawberries. At the bottom six gummie worms hung like a gelatinous necklace while oreo crumbs, shredded coconut and cheesecake bits were scattered throughout the centre of “the work.” I finished it all off with a nanimo bar square which sat propped at the bottom of the bowl like a cute bowtie. The staffer who weighed my “work” had a huge smile on her face and exclaimed, “that is the most impressive Menchies bowl I’ve ever seen created.” Grade 8 art class wasn’t a total waste apparently.

#508 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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