Review: Rasputin Vodka Bar, Toronto

I recently popped into Rasputin Vodka Bar on Queen Street East to check out its late night Russian romps. I was excited to pop by and experience the Czar-tastic space which offers up DJ’d lived music, a plethora of vodka bottles sourced from around the world and unique late night nibbles.

After shooting the dimly lit space I was seated at a plush antique sofa where I scanned the menu with the tip of my finger. Offerings from the kitchen immediately brought me back to my Russian adventure last spring which had me gobbling up the very best in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

My experience at Rasputin is a testament to the the saying, “there is never a dull moment in Toronto. Places aren’t boring people are!” I’m constantly finding little gems in the city and what better way to spend an evening then losing yourself in Riverside via Russian inspired culinary adventures?

While the DJ entertained the dance-tastic crowd I enjoyed a vodka tasting trio which paired with cucumber pickles, olives and Russian Rye bread. Freshly squeezed lemonade (accompanied by a healthy vodka pour) was a refreshing accompaniment to a duo of late night eats. You’ve not been to Russia until you have had the opportunity to devour a plate full of pelmeni (Russian pierogi) and crispy latkes topped with sour cream and glistening caviar.

Special thanks to the team at Rasputin for hosting me as their guest.

Late Night Sips and Nibbles:

Vodka Tasting

pickles, olives, russian rye bread served with shots of tito’s, kalinka and luksusowa


vodka, freshly squeezed lemon, soda


potato pancakes, sour cream, caviar


handmade russian dumpling duo: potato cheddar and mushroom with sour cream for dipping

#493 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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