Review: Brunch at Bosk in The Shangri-La, Toronto

After spending a relaxing afternoon and evening exploring The Fazioli Suite at The Shangri-La Toronto I packed my bags and immediately plopped myself into a seat at Bosk. The hotel’s fine dining restaurant is located on the main level and offers perfect people watching opportunities on a Monday morning as suits and heels scurry up and down University Avenue for their first day back to work.

Brunching on the solo is a relaxing ritual especially with moody jazz playing throughout the dining room. I started off with a glass of grapefruit juice followed by a foamy latte. Running my finger down the brunch menu I wanted to sample a few of the restaurants top dishes. A beautiful glass encased cart sits at the Bosk entrance offering up a view of house made muffins, croissants and pastries. Be sure to peak your nose in there when you arrive to see if any of the daily offerings tickle your fancy.

Nodding to its Asian roots, breakfast at the Shangri-La is made unique with its offering of chicken congee, a traditional start to the day in China. A large bowl of velvety rice and chicken porridge steamed under my nose. A bamboo basket accompanies the bowl and features a trio of shrimp, pork and scallop dim sum. Toppings include scallions, peanuts, shredded cabbage, soya and hot sauce.

I opted to finish off the meal with two traditional Canadian offerings both of which I covered in a thick drizzle of maple syrup. Brioche french toast with apple and candied pecan battles out your sweet tooth for another bite of fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with caramelized banana.

Special thanks to the team at The Shangri-La for hosting me as their guest at Bosk.

Solo Brunching Adventure:

Foamy Latte

Grapefruit Juice

Chicken Congee

traditional garnishes, steamed dim sum

Brioche French Toast

sauteed apples, toasted pecans, maple syrup

Buttermilk Pancakes

caramelized banana, maple syrup

#489 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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