Review: Teatro, Toronto

Twas a lovely sunny June afternoon when I found myself peddling west on College Street towards Toronto’s Little Italy. I was looking forward to checking out Teatro Restaurant as I’d walked by the place many times when feasting at La Carnita and Grace but had yet to step foot in their doors.

I arrived shortly before 4:30pm to find Malibu’s Maliboom-boom Rum Shack sitting on the corner of Palmerston Avenue. The shack will be traveling across Canada this summer inspiring Canadians to enjoy a splash of coconut rum in the sun (twist my arm, seriously). I spent the next two hours relaxing on Teatro’s sun drenched patio while nibbling and sipping on Malibu-centric canapés and cocktails.

Malibu launches two new flavours this season Malibu Berrylicious (berry and coconut synergy) and Malibu Sundae (a chocolate sundae concoction). Highlights of the evening included addictive Caribbean jerk chicken lollipops and crispy coconut shrimp. As the sun prepared to set a crimson red, I clasped my passionfruit and coconut inspired glass before closing my eyes. The warmth cast itself across my face and for a moment I floated to The Islands.

Special thanks to the team at Malibu for hosting me as their guest at Teatro.

The Beach Feast:

Lick of Sunshine

malibu coconut, pineapple juice, passion fruit

Malibu Twisted Pink

malibu coconut, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice

Berrylicious Punch

malibu berrylicious, lime juice, apple juice, iced tea, berries

Malibu Sundae Float

malibu sundae, vanilla ice cream, cola

Jerk chicken Lollipops

malibu pineapple glaze

Coconut Shrimp

malibu black and horseradish dip

Fennel Dill and Mango Salad

malibu mango and citrus vinaigrette

Blackberry and Lemon Goats Cheese Puff Pastry

malibu berrylicious drizzle

Haddock Taco

malibu mango salsa and onion sprouts

#481 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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