Review: Museum Tavern, Toronto

Finding a restaurant by the ROM is not always an easy task. Of course there is the in house offering at c5 Restaurant but sometimes you want to discover something new around the corner after a long afternoon staring at dino bones and mulling around in bat caves. Toronto’s premiere museum plays host to a stream of tourists each year but is predominantly surrounded by cheap eats in the Annex and underwhelming and overpriced options in Yorkville.

A few months ago I read about the launch of Museum Tavern, located just west of Avenue Road on Bloor Street. People have been raving about this new addition to the “Museum Hood.” My new favourite “bite by the ROM,” features a cutesy French bistro interior, creative cocktail list and kitchen offering a wide spectrum of snackabilities. I marched into Museum Tavern at 5pm and spent the next hour feasting on dinner with President of Point Load Pictures Pete Kettlewell.

Last week I was thrilled to finally announce I signed my first TV development contract with the team at Point Load. Dinner at Museum Tavern would be Pete’s first foray into food and travel blogging with yours truly. I am looking forward to filming sizzle reel with their team this summer for a culinary tourism centric show. Transitioning the blog to boob tube!

I ordered a cocktail with tart bite (Pete’s more a fan of rouge vino) and shared a spicy cheese dip adorned with pickled jalapeno peppers before devouring a massive burger accompanied by crispy french frites. The food here is fantastic.

After dinner we walked to The University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies which was a stones throw away. I spent the evening on a panel at the school’s Digital Strategy & Communications Management class. The class was led by Eden Spodek and the topic of the evening was “Bloggers Working With Brands,” which offered up a great discussion for PR professionals looking to connect with influencers. I was happy to bring a bit of swag for the class courtesy of Tourism Ireland. I had literally just flown in from Dublin the night prior and was feeling the effects of jetlag throughout the evening (slap me across the face and I’m awake again). It was good fun to hear other bloggers chat about how they tell stories via brand collaboration and the students asked a ton of great questions. Was a perfect way to end a busy day: a little cherry on the top of my sundae.

We sampled:

Flowers of the Fall

dolin sec, four roses bourbon, lime, egg white, lavender-butter syrup, laphroaig mist

Queso Blanco Fundido

chips, cheese, pickled jalapenos

Pan Fried Fish and Chips

CDN Prime Double Cheese Burger and Fries

#473 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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