Review: Mexican Salsas, Toronto

I was zooming along College Street on me wee bicyclette then quickly turned down Augusta. It was a bustling Sunday during the Victoria Long Weekend and Kensington Market was packed with shoppers. Cody and I locked up our bikes and headed in to Mexican Salsas for lunch where we would be meeting my friend Dwayne who lives in the neighbourhood.

I’ve been meaning to pop into Mexican Salsas forever. It is best defined as cheap and cheerful Mexicana. The interior is rather shabby and plates are wrapped in plastic which I assume makes dish washing a breeze. Each of us ordered a tostada and three tacos. I opted to fill mine with cochinita pibil, steak and carnitas.

We spent the next hour feasting while Mexicana juices ran down our chins. My fingers were a constant mess as I devoured the pretty on my plate. I slurped it all down with an orange flavoured Jarritos soda pop. Can’t stop.

#467 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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