Review: Harbord House, Toronto

I found myself on a Monday eve zooming through U of T. It was a windy one so had one hand on my bike handle bar and another clasping my hat so it didn’t fly off my head and wander its way through The Annex. I had been looking forward to it, a delayed birthday celebration with two of my favourite woman both of whom have a penchant for cheese and boy talk. I was so delighted when Karolyne and Steph proposed the idea of a birthday binge on Harbord Street.

That evening we started off at Harbord House in search of a quick drink and wee snack before indulging in cocktails and burger bliss at The Harbord Room. To be honest I found myself a bit confused at one point, was I heading to a room? A house? As long as I’m on Harbord I think I’m in the right place.

The Harbord House seems like the perfect spot to enjoy an ice cold beer on a hot Spring or Summers day. They have great patio space and a double decker restaurant for those who want to stay indoors. I was pleased by their beer lists dedication to novelty local craft beers which would be our focus on this visit.

I attached myself to Beau’s, Karolyne opted for a piece of the Junction while Steph sampled Great Lakes. We caught up on life while gluggin’ our suds over a creamy Ale, Bacon and Cheese dip. We discovered that evenin’ that Harbord House is the perfect spot to start the party.

The Snack:

Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale

Junction Brew Co’s Conductor Craft Ale

Great Lakes Golden Horseshoe Blonde Lager

Ale Bacon and Cheese Dip

selection of cheeses, muskoka cream ale, double smoked bacon, baguette

#460 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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