Review: Frans Diner, Toronto

The essence of Spring was in the air. On a sunny Sunday morning in early March I found myself walking up Church Street with a grin on my face. My stomach grumbled and was pleased to discover that Patrick was just as hungry.

We met at Fran’s on College Street, ravenous for brunch. This retro diner is a hallmark of Toronto’s dining scene so I thought it was funny that I’d never actually been in for a bite. While Patrick sipped on his Americano I fumbled through the menu in search of something memorable. The Monte Cristo caught my eye. I had my first Monte Cristo sandwich at a restaurant in Seoul in 2008 and fell in love. Patrick ordered a hodge podge of rye toast, fried eggs, pancakes and hash browns.

We sipped and nibbled, new found calories livened the senses. Spring had Sprung.

#443 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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