Black Prince Winery Cabernet Franc Rose

Memories of a hot summer afternoon cool and crisp rose sipping session…

Black Prince Winery located in Prince Edward County gets its name from the history of the Royal “Edwards.” The Black Prince was an Edward, eldest son of Edward III and became a legend in his own lifetime. He was one of the most successful commanders during the 100 years war and a model of chivalry and courtesy. He also ruled over a large area of Aquitaine which included Bordeaux, a tip of the hat to the to the juice inside each of their bottles. With a name in place, land was purchased, vines were planted and the fully operational winery opened its doors to the public in October 2003.

BPW’s Cabernet Franc Rose won the Sliver Medal for 2011 at the All Canadian Wine Championship. This velvety wine captures the essence of free-run juice with no pressing. It is natural, soft, flavourful, very fruit forward, with subtle hits of oak and perfectly showcases the terroir of Prince Edward County.

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