Review: Yogen Fruz, Toronto

I have been in love with Yogen Fruz since my earliest suburban mall adventure memories. In my post toddler phase I remember wandering through the mall with my dad with cravings for New York Fries poutine, Ms. Vanelli’s Pizza, Kernnel’s popcorn and Yogen Fruz soft serve.

Heading to Yogen Fruz with my family was always a magical experience. It was one of those rare occasions your parents let you make a decision. I felt empowered with the opportunity to chose my yogurt (vanilla, non fat or chocolate) and a selection of add ins that got blended and squeezed into a beautiful frosty peak in my very own waffle cone. I’d clench my plastic spoon and get rather territorial.

Melly and I recently marched to The Eatons Centre in search of a Yogen Fruz fix. Sort of a throwback as I haven’t been in ages. With years of childhood mixing experience I had come to fall in love with an unconventional pairing: chocolate yogurt, oreo and raspberry. This was my signature Yogen Fruz treat and as I scooped a spoonful into my mouth I was brought back to many a baseball practice, swim class and shop till you drop mall experience with mum.

Melly opted to order off their new U Sensations menu: the strawberry cheesecake (featuring vanilla yogurt blended with cubes of cheesecake topped with graham cracker crumbs and fresh strawberries). We found a seat smack dab in the centre of the mall and closed our eyes with smiles on our faces as we scooped sweet yogurt perfection into our mouthes. Back to the Future.

#439 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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