Review: The Artisan Baker, Toronto

My jaw rattled on the subway as it lurched north of Bloor and screeched to a halt at St. Clair Station. I hopped out and scampered up the slush filled steps, spilling out onto the street. I would be meeting Heather Kirk for lunch to chat PR. Perfect then that this hood is her home and her suggestion was a timely one.

The Artisan Baker just recently opened a month ago offering locals a new spot to relax and nibble. This French inspired bakery cafe offers up a little bit of elegance with chandeliers that hang from the ceiling but also a cutesy motif one can appreciate via their antique spoon adorned coat hangers. I arrived a bit early to check out the space which offers a wall covered in great culinary gift ideas as well as a wild and wonderful collection of freshly baked bread, pastries, quiche and chocolate truffles.

I walked back to my seat and scanned the table tops of hungry diners. Portions are generous and seems as though their most popular dishes are the croque monsieur and selection of tartine. Once Heather arrived at the table we scanned the menu and both opted for a light bowl of soup. We spent the next hour catching up and slurping with our spoons. I enjoyed a hearty bowl of French Onion and not until I actually took my first scoop did I realize what a hazard this could be for my blossoming beard. I think I did a rather stellar job throughout the meal, avoiding the tangle of the soups stringy cheese into the fabric of my chinny chin chin.

#437 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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