Review: Rushes Restaurant, Waterloo

My tasting at Rushes Restaurant in The Waterloo Inn  was one of the culinary tourism features in my Culinary Adventure in Waterloo Region Destination Guide.

Once my sister and I checked into our suite at The Waterloo Inn we hopped in an elevator and found ourselves at the entrance to Rushes Restaurant. Over the course of the next two hours we were entertained by a representative from Waterloo Tourism as well as the always smiling team at The Waterloo Inn. We sat in a lovely private dining room whilst chatting about the top culinary experiences on offer in the region.

Our review at Rushes was very much an “intermission” between our massive feast at Beer Town and upcoming dinner at Nick and Nats Uptown 21. I still don’t know how my sister and I managed to eat our way through three restaurants in under seven hours but when there is a will there most definitely is a way!

Rushes wine list has been recognized with Wine Spectator Magazines prestigious Award of Excellence, while also receiving the VQA Award from the Ontario Wine Council. Keeping pace in the kitchen, Rushes’ cuisine earned the first Oktoberfest Iron Chef Award.

The restaurant has a colourful collection of awards under its belt so as we sat down to eat I felt the need to loosen my own. We started off with a selection of cocktails followed by a few glasses of wine. Beverages were in no short supply as three petite plates were whisked under our noses. A mushroom rich plump ravioli was followed by smokey venison carpaccio. The meal finished with a crispy rabbit confit pot pie with root vegetable centric accompaniments that perfectly showcased the season.

We enjoyed:

Grande Mushroom Ravioli

white truffle scented, mushroom duxelle, woolwich goat cheese, celeriac remoulade, mushroom consome

Smoked Venison Carpaccio

organic cheddar, kalamata olives, pancetta, organic seedlings, local seed mustard

20 Mile Rabbit Pot Pie

rabbit confit, roasted root vegetables, sweet pea coulis, carrot puree

#419 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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