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My final restaurant review in Toronto before heading out of the city for a month was an impromptu dinner with my father at W Burger Bar located at College and Yonge. My dad had come to visit me in the city on a Sunday afternoon to pick up my luggage for our upcoming trip to Africa. I would be spending the next three nights in London for the Ontario Tourism Summit and then immediately flying out of YYZ bound for Johannesburg via Amsterdam. I had packed two suitcases: one filled with the essentials for a tourism conference (a compass and whistle) and the other packed to the brim with safari and wine tasting gear.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we took a stroll through The Village. We were in search of a quick bite so I suggested W Burger Bar just as we were walking past the Bulk Barn on Carleton. I could see the sign of the restaurant ahead and realized I had passed it a million times but hadn’t checked it out yet.

W Burger Bar launched during the height of the Toronto gourmet burger craze and offers up a colourful menu featuring salads, sandwiches, burgers, beer and spiked milkshakes. The dining room features comfy bench seating and walls are decorated with vintage photographs of the city.

Dad ordered a pint of Sleeman’s and a pulled pork sandwich. I opted to sample from their burger menu and chose their signature beef burger topped with cheddar, bacon, herb mayonaisse, chipotle ketchup, pickle and red onion. I complimented my burger with a large strawberry milkshake and side of quebecois poutine.

#398 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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