Autumnal Treats at Original Penguin

Just as the summer was coming to a close Original Penguin opened its first doors on Canadian soil in Toronto’s fashion friendly Queen West neighbourhood. Once standing in front of the store I realized I had been here before. Not too long ago I had covered an event for Buckler’s Spring 2011 Party. I was excited to see how Original Penguin had re-interpreted the space, a welcome new addition for Toronto’s fashion forward urban males. After waving up at Pete the Penguin I pulled open the front doors and was greeted by the subtle and relaxed looks that would be Fall 2012. Autumn is by far my most favorite season of the year in Toronto. I absolutely adore September as the sun quenches the city by day and cool nights allow for comfortable dinners on the patio and strolls along the lake.

Original Penguin’s threads are inspired by mid-century modern design and the leisure lifestyle. Models in this seasons look book feature bad ass tattooed hunks hanging out by the harbour. Penguin’s demo are 18-34, mainly urban, college-educated, fun loving individualists who like their style and pop culture served up with a splash of irony and wit. A sense of style I can totally relate to.

When I was invited to the stores media showcase I popped by in hopes of finding a new outfit that would compliment my own relaxed urban lifestyle but also offer up a classy and sophisticated professionalism. I regularly find myself running around Toronto (and the world) showcasing the creme de la creme of luxury hotels, restaurants, galleries and parties. It was my hope that I would find a perfect new outfit which I could wear at many a media dinner this upcoming Fall season.

I started with the essential blazer, looked at its colour components and then found a dress shirt and cardigan that created a trio with panache and pow.

Once all my goodies had been packed into a bag I waved goodbye and quickly stopped by Nadege located just a hop skip and a jump down the street. I ordered a few colourful and aromatic French macaron. While I sipped on a wee cup of espresso I peaked into the perfectly wrapped Penguins which sat comfortably in my bag bellow. It is at this very moment that  I realized not all treats are edible. Some of the finest things in life are worth unwrapping at home and buttoning up to your chinny chin chin.

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