Review: Sazerac, Toronto

I was recently invited to a media dinner at Sazerac located just west of Bathurst on King Street. I did a bit of research before heading out the door for dinner, seems that the Sazerac was America’s first original cocktail. Created in New Orleans in 1850, it encapsulated its birthplace by blending elements from Europe, America and the Caribbean, to create the iconic drink.

I arrived early as always and took a few snap shots of the interior before grabbing myself a cocktail. The space features colourful and whimsical portraits of nude woman who appear as they may be screaming in ecstasy over exposed brick walls. A three piece band played during the cocktail hour, an indication that music and entertainment was at the heart of Sazerac’s motto.

I spent the evening sitting next to my friend Nicki from View the Vibe. We chatted about summer BBQ’s, Toronto’s Top Restaurants and our love for beach vacations. I sat down and stared at the menu which echos the flavours of America’s South with a chef who finds himself inspired by the gastro movement: dollops of this and that, dehydrated him and her, puffs of smoke, dusts and saps.

Sazerac is clearly going to be a success for the late night “dancing on tables” King West crowd. The menu offers a few hits and misses but creative cocktails and a large dance floor promise to create a venue for night hawks.

We sampled:

French 75

brut, gin, lemon, sugar

Burning Kiln

chardonnay, lake erie


bourbon, gomme syrup, absinthe, peychaud’s

Antica Formula

sweet vermouth


Corn Bread

peaches & cream corn, jalapeno, aged cheddar, yam butter

Ice Fish

hamachi, horseradish snow, red currant, chilli and ginger oil

100km Farms Summer Salad

beets, radish, garlic scape, heirloom carrots, herb stones, puree and peach chardonnay vinaigrette

Kolapore Springs Trout

cooks town baby fennel, carrots, sorrel, buttermilk dill, sorrel puree


cucumber consume, dragon fruit, watermelon

Chantecler Rouge Chicken

purple basil, radish pods, artichokes, almond espelette, corn and brussel sprout puree, compressed matsu apple

Rhubarb and Walnut Tartin

walnut crumble, raspberry pebbles, rhubarb gel and compote, strawberry wafer, banana ice cream

#360 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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