Review: Mr. Greenjeans, Toronto

On the 32nd week of their 32 year Anniversary, Mr. Greenjeans offered to take its fans on a trip back to their Toronto diner centric past. From August 1st-12th their anniversary menu featured old-school classics that put the restaurant on the Toronto food map. All offered at 1980s prices: their classic Old Faithful burger ($4.95), side Caesar salad ($0.99) and milkshakes ($2.95).

When I first received the press release I was a bit mystified that I had never heard of the place. I took to twitter to ask my Toronto foodie fan base about the restaurant with specific attention to menu suggestions. Many mentioned that it was once “the place to be seen,” in the city. One fan tweeted that she used to drive in from St. Catherines on weekends just to enjoy one of their sandwiches. Two others mentioned their love for the chocolate banana milkshake and nachos.

I invited Cody to join me on a Friday night so we booted it down to the Eaton Centre as soon as he was finished up work. I wanted to be certain to focus on their 80’s diner offerings while also showcasing some of their thirst quenchers: from Bloody Caesar to milkshake.

While the idea of an anniversary promotion was good fun I found myself scratching my head. On a Friday night at 7pm the restaurant appeared to be barren. The service was chipper yet unpolished, the dishes on the menu were uninspiring and lacked any insight into current food trends. With competitors such as Milestones, Jack Astors, The Pickel Barrel and Joey’s fighting for diner dollars at Dundas Square it makes me wonder what the team at Mr. Greenjeans are going to have to do to keep up with the innovative experiences offered just a hop skip and a jump away.

We sampled:

Electric Lemonade

pink lemonade, vodka, coconut rum, peach schnapps

Blue Island Ginger Beer

spiced rum, blueberry liqueur, ginger beer, iced tea

Getting Pickled Bloody Caesar

clamato juice, hardboiled egg, dill pickle, extreme bean

Chocolate Banana Milkshake

Orange Crush Float

Mac and Cheese

Caesar Salad

St. Louis Ribs

bbq’d pork back ribs, corn bread, baked beans, coleslaw

The Perfection Burger

10oz beef burger, toasted bun, bibb lettuce, aged white cheddar, roasted tomato with Buffalo chips

#358 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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