Review: Bon Vivant, Mont Tremblant

Our final dinner in Mont Tremblant was at Bon Vivant located in our hotel, the Chateau Beauvallon. We had just spent the afternoon sitting by the pool so couldn’t help but smile as we slid into our seats which overlooked the quiet calm of the pools turquoise waters. We started our meal with a hoppy beer made in Montreal. We were soon sampling two French Rose while nibbling on crispy focaccia which is made in house.

Our beet carpaccio featured crispy deep fried capers which took on a subtle fish flavour that paired well with parmigiano. Goat cheese ravioli were soft little pillows with a bright arugula puree which was a perfect refreshing celebration of the summer season. Risotto featuring asparagus and Shitake was heart warming while mum commented that our veal chop was the best she’s ever tasted. We opted for two French sweet finishes: tarte tatin and chocolate mousse. Three scoops of chocolate ice cream (which the chef proudly exclaimed he makes in house) adorned with one Quebecois strawberry offered a final surprise to a memorable feast.

Belle Gueulle Beer

Cotes du Provence

Cotes du Rhones-Tavel

Syrah Penelope, Daraine du Pays

Amuse the Mouth

duck prosciutto spoon

Beetroot Carpaccio

fried capers, parmesan, soy balsamic reduction

Goat Cheese Stuffed Ravioli

arugula puree

Veal Chop

polenta, burnt leeks and edamame

Asparagus  and Shitake Risotto

arugula and preserved lemon

Tart Tatin

vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Mousse

custard sauce

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