Review: Creperie Catherine, Mont Tremblant

No visit to Mont Tremblant is complete without a visit to Creperie Catherine. My mother and I woke up early in the morning and had ourselves dropped off at the base of the resort. The restaurant is a short five minute walk and located in a cute little cottage covered in potted plants with a stunning backyard patio.

Catherine and her restaurant have an adorable story to tell. The tradition all started in 1981 when she met her husband, Francois while working as chief cook on the M/V Louis R Desmarais freighter ship. Cooking for a crew of 30 hungry men allowed her to perfect her recipes. When Catherine embarked on her sailing career her friends gave her a little chef doll as a going away present. She has been collecting chef trinkets ever since (she now owns over 600 but only 300 are displayed at the creperie). In 1995 Catherine, her sister Lorraine and husband Francois set out to launch their restaurant. The three partners felt very comfortable with their little cottage serving up crepes, it reminded them of their close quarters on the ship.

My mother and I were the first to be seated at the restaurant and an hour later the restaurant was packed and a line of eager breakfast beavers sat sunning themselves on the patio out front while reading the mornings newspaper. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from Catherine herself. She highlighted some of her favorite dishes and filled us in on how the restaurant has evolved. Her initial intention when setting up shop as one of the first restaurants in Mont Tremblant was as a delicatessen. Soon after the restaurant opened she asked a patron what he thought of the food. She was looking for constructive feedback and boy did she get it! The gentleman said, “we don’t need another delicatessen we need a creperie!” His advice would change her life forever as she immediately began researching the culture of the French creperie and developing a new menu. She later found out the gentleman was a consultant for McDonald’s Restaurants. It really is amazing what asking a simple question can do to the trajectory of your career!

And what an excellent move it has been. Catherine’s creperie is not just a favorite for locals but seasonal visitors and new tourists alike come in droves to feast on her well prepared, fresh and colourful menu. In the summer the restaurant is able to serve twice as many guests becuase of the patio. Catherine mentioned that in the winter people line up for ages in the snow waiting for a hot crepe covered in her famous sucre a la creme. Whether you are hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner…Catherine’s crepes are a Mont Tremblant institution worth the indulgence.

We enjoyed:

Onion Soup Gratin

Sausage Apple Crepe

cheddar, sausage, granny smith apple, bechamel

Seafood Crepe

shrimp, scallop, lobster, crab, swiss cheese, bechamel, spinach

Catherine Crunch

banana, icec ream, sucre a la creme, whipped cream, chopped crispy crunch bar

Pear William

pear, ice cream, chocolate sauce, pear liquer

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2 Responses to “Review: Creperie Catherine, Mont Tremblant”

  1. Margaret Bourne
    September 5, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    Love the look on your mom’s face with the huge banana crepe dessert. Looks delicious, but thinking fat pants are needed! Have you ever tried the Parisienne Creperie in Oakville?

    • dobbernation
      September 5, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

      Ha my mom and I had good fun there it was such an excessive breakfast! I have never been to the Creperie in Oakville and I grew up there! Is it your favorite?

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