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My second Summerlicious review in Yorkville was with Mike at Sorrel on Yorkville Avenue. There was a light breeze blowing up Yonge Street as we turned onto Bloor and into the heart of Yorkville. The neighborhood was bustling with floral summer dresses and bedazzled flip flops. One of Mike’s favorite trumpet players was busking on the street in front of Summers Ice Cream. I love moments like this, the essence of a season.

Once we found the restaurant I stood across the street and took a picture of the facade. Two woman who sat on the Sorrel patio motioned me over to ask what I was taking a picture of. I let them know I was a food writer coming into the restaurant for a review. I quickly realized these ladies must have been sitting on the patio since noon as they were hammered. Their eyes glazed over and smiled dumbly, “who do you write for?” I responded, “for myself,” and then whisked myself into the restaurant as they finished the bottoms of their martinis.

The restaurant was packed with a lovely mix of patrons: from what seemed like family dinners, groups of coworkers and girlfriends night out. We were seated directly below the window which allowed us to snoop at all of the purses and pairs of  shoes which rested on the patio above.

Mike and I chatted about the weather and commented on how quickly the summer is running through our hands like forgotten beach sand. Whilst nibbling on our entrees and scooping at our desserts we discussed relationships and my single-dom. Mike thinks I won’t fall in love until I’m 40. Everytime he says that I scrunch up my face and roll my eyes at him. I have this picture in my mind that he is some odd ball character in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, a disheveled queer hag of a witch pointing her grubby fingers at me while cursing me “no love until 4o boy!” Shriek! I’ll try to prove him wrong. I was hoping he’d be a good matchmaker…turns out he’s either lazy at the job or thinks I need to wait 13 years. I shant let moss grow around my feet. Gotta giv’er.

We enjoyed (* notes my favorites):

mojito *


caprese salad *

basil pesto, extra virgin oil

arugula and fennel salad with radicchio

orange and chili vinaigrette

tagliatelle *

fresh truffles, wild mushrooms, olive oil garlic and parmigiano reggiano

steak frites

sauteed mushrooms, au jus

vanilla bean crème brulee

chocolate mousse and fresh berries *

#347 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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