Ride and Go Feast

I was recently invited by View the Vibe and The Culinary Adventure Company to join them on their first ever Ride and Go Feast.

Nicki and Scott have partnered up to launch the Ride and Go Feast initiative out of their passion for Toronto, its great food scene and charitable giving. The Daily Bread Food Bank supports thousands of families in the GTA through their hunger relief programs and member agencies, and Ride and Go Feast is a small way that View the Vibe and the Culinary Adventure Company  can help raise awareness and funds for this important not-for-profit. All of the profits from Ride and Go Feast are donated to The Daily Bread Food Bank.

So what is Ride and Go Feast? Each month, attendees are treated to a food-filled journey around Toronto, with four stops making up a full feast. The event is held on the last Sunday of every month and will feature a special theme. Think of it like a mystery food tour, all in support of a great cause.

I took my friend Jordan along for the experience. We met on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon in July at King and Church Street. I recognized a bunch of other Toronto foodie fans and chit chatted under the shade of a tree before we all hopped on our bus. Scott announced the theme of the first Ride and Go Feast to be Hogtown, a celebration of Toronto’s culinary roots. Our first stop was on the stunning rooftop patio at Energy Xchange where Scott had created a wee Pop Up sandwich and wine experience which overlooked Queen and Broadview.

Hogtown Peameal Bacon Sliders

sweet & smokey Kozlick’s mustard, slow roasted tomato jam, white truffle mayo, organic baby arugula, on Silverstien mini kaiser

After getting a proper sun quench on the patio which involved consuming far  too many glasses of iced cold Riesling I stumbled back down the staircase and threw myself into the bus. We were zooming west on College Street while everyone tried to guess what our next stop would be. Scott walked us down a back alley where we stood amongst a pile of garbage. He knocked on a unmarked grey door and moments later he was shaking hands with the owner of Hogtown Pub and Oysters. We spent the next hour nibbling on a trio of treats while sipping on yet another iced cold glass of wine. I swear I was desperately trying to hydrate myself it was that hot out!

Malpeque oysters

lemon, horseradish

Shrimp and Halibut Cake

chipotle mayonnaise

House Smoked Reuben Sandwich

pickle and coleslaw

Back in the bus our rowdy group of food fans zoomed east along College street and south on Bathurst. The bus was abuzz as everyone was trying to guess our third stop. When we pulled up to Cheesewerks I let out a wee squeal. This would be my third experience at the “everything Canadian Cheese” restaurant which appears on my Toronto’s Top Restaurant List. The owner had closed the restaurant for our feast and offered up stories of his childhood served with hot cheese fondue, mac and cheese and grilled cheese. I enjoyed several more glasses of thirst quenching rose and white wine during this Olympic inspired celebration.

Cheesewerks Fondue

 roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes and St. John’s Bakery sourdough olive bread

Olympic London Grilled Cheese

aged + horseradish cheddars, roast beef, parsnips + carrots, caramelized onion jam

Olympic Beijing Mac & Cheese

asiago, bbq pork, hoisin, and slivered green onion

Scott yelled across the inebriated finger licking good crowd that we had to hop back in the bus for one last stop. To  be honest, at this point I was walking in zig zags and once seated was rubbing a little food baby like a 8 month pregnant woman.

After a short jaunt we screeched to a halt at the entrance to Toronto’s much loved historic Distillery District. I almost fainted with excitement (slash heat exhaustion slash drunkenness) when I found out our final stop would be at Toronto’s iconic Greg’s Ice Cream. We were instructed to order whatever flavour we wanted, I opted for their signature Campfire which tastes of roasted marshmallows. The group sat on the patio watching as the sun set over the city. I licked my fingers from my dripping dairy dream and couldn’t help but chat with my new best friends about what a fantastic night we had.

Everyone was astonished at the amout of food offered on the tour. An amazing value for money, with what seemed like a never ending flow of fine wine. As we walked back to the bus one more time I couldn’t help but smile. Is there any other experience in Toronto that creates such camaraderie, offers such fantastic food and drink and all for a great cause? Officially addicted to Scott and Nicki’s mystery food tour!

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