Social Media Lounge at Toronto’s Queer Beer Festival

Last year I had good fun covering Toronto’s first ever Queer Beer Festival featuring Ace of Base. This year I was excited to invite a few of my friends to join me at the Social Media Lounge managed by Branding and Buzzing, which played host to press, social media influencers and their admirers.

I took the streetcar with Jonathan from Union Station and headed straight to the lounge where we picked up a can of Labatt 50. Funny enough this is Jonathan’s favorite beer that he always orders when we are out at the bar. He likes it because it is “cheap and easy to hold.” I had invited ten friends to join me for the night to drink beer, gobble up treats and run around rainbow flags.

We spent the first two hours at the Social Media Lounge. I thought it would be the perfect spot for us to congregate and mix and mingle before heading out into the festival as a meandering and stumbling hoard. The Social Media Lounge provided media outlets with all of the festival information needed to cover their story and provided a place where press could kick up their feet and tweet while sampling festival fare in a relaxing environment.

We marched around the grounds to sample our favorite brews with an active eye on sussing out new potential favorites. My tip pics of the night included Shock Top Belgian White, Flying Monkeys, Railway City Brewing, Beau’s Lug Tread, Waterloo Dark, Steamwhistle Pils, Foundry Cider and St. Smbroise Apricot Wheat Ale.

In between sips and swigs we snacked on delicious treats. Highlights included bacon maple donuts by Caplansky’s Delicatessen, a visit with Matthew at Oyster Boy, Gyros, Korean tacos, a plump sandwich from Hey Meatball and a piping hot bag of cinnamon donuts which I stuffed into my mouth on the blurry ride home.

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