Review: Hey Meatball, Toronto

I had been wanting to visit Hey Meatball with my friend Jonathan for several months. I was so pleased we found a perfect afternoon to pop by for two heaping bowls of pasta. We hopped on the College Streetcar and whisked ourselves into Little Italy. During the short trip we discussed our love for juicy meat and large, robust and hearty balls. We had just sat at the theatre for an afternoon matinee and I was properly famished (borderline ready to faint) so when we finally sat down to eat I was eager as a beaver.

The interior is adorable and feels like a neighborhood joint with no trace of pretentiousness. The walls are covered in antique photos and references to anything meatball related (the picture of a grandmother holding a massive meatball in her hands is adorable). Hey Meatball serves up simple, wholesome and heart warming Italian fare. It appears that all the gossip I have been hearing about Rodney Bowers’s balls are true! Please do have a taste.

We enjoyed:

Spaghetti with pork beef balls, tomato sauce, cheese

Mac and Cheese with pork beef balls

Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie

#330 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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