Frisky Zebras Shiraz

Just before my Euro Press trip, literally the day I left for the airport, Wines of South Africa had a courier drop off a case of their favorites for me to sample and review. Such a nice treat to come home to and slowly savor over the summer. The first bottle I cracked open was this Shiraz produced by Frisky Zebras.

I was having a horrible day, suffering from writers block. I had woken up that morning at 6am in hopes that I would complete 10 restaurant reviews and at 4pm I had barely finished two. Why on earth had my muse forsaken me? I lay on my bed in frustration staring up at the ceiling. Then my eyes wandered to the top of my bookshelf where the zebra on this label stared back at me. I hopped up on my chair and quickly twisted off the cap. Moments later I was relaxing on my patio looking over Lake Ontario and listening to the fountain which plumed below in the park below. One thing is certain, if things aren’t going to plan, be sure to tap a glass of old school South African safari. The Frisky Zebra saved the day!

Their Shiraz is a deep ruby red with plum, blackberry, earth and spice, aromas; dry, medium body; blackberry, cocoa and spice flavours; soft tannins.

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