Review: The Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavík

First stop on my Reykjavik culinary tour was brunch at The Laundromat Cafe located in the heart of the capital. It was a rainy morning so once we had found a seat I let out a long exhale, dabbed my wet forehead with a napkin and got excited about pursuing their menu.

The first Laundromat Cafe opened in August 2004 in Copenhagen. The idea was to open a cafe combined with a laundromat where you could multitask in comfortable and original surroundings; eat, drink, read, do your laundry or surf the internet. In March 2011 The Laundromat Cafe opened in in Reykjavik with a laundry services in the basement with funky design cafe on the main floor.

Sarah and I both insisted on starting with a hit of espresso (I had barely slept 4 hours on my flight from Boston). We were given cute little glasses of mango ginger juice and a basket of traditional Icelandic rye bread with local butter. I slathered my bread, not thinking much of it, took a bite and my eyes bulged. It was from this very moment that I became obsessed with Icelandic butter. With a significantly higher fat content than Canadian butter and a lovely floral aroma it was heavenly! I spent the next week in Iceland eating butter as if it were my personal duty to do so.

Sarah and I ordered the the two brunches. Sarah is a “sorta vegetarian” (eating fish) so ordered the clean vegetarian option. I ordered the dirty plate because I am filthy. As we munched and sipped our breakfast I watched as families and couples filled the place. It was nice to see such a family friendly ambiance. The cafe is truly trying to create a comfortable place for those who simply want a good meal or those waiting around to finish their laundry cycle. The space is filled with over 6000 books and loads of magazines, newspapers and board games to keep you busy from your first sip of espresso to last crunch of bacon.

We enjoyed:

Cappuccino and Latte

Mango and Ginger Juice

Baguette and Rye with Icelandic Butter

Clean Brunch

scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, homemade hummus on salad, grilled tomato, Stori Dimon cheese, 10% Greek yogurt with muesli, American pancakes and fruit.

Dirty Brunch

spiced sausages, stirred eggs, fried potatoes, grilled tomato, Stori Dimon cheese, 10% Greek yoghurt with muesli, fruit and American pancakes and fruit.

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