Review: The Beaconsfield, Toronto

It was a cold winter night and we were both properly drunk. Melanie and I had just spent the last few hours at Toro Magazine’s “Gentlemen Prefer” at Neubacher Shor Contemporary in Parkdale. For the last few hours we had sampled everything from dirty martinis, scotch, beer, wine and liquer. The only food available at the event were oysters and a cheese table which become overrun with casein lovers. An hour prior to our departure as we stumbled about the art gallery we decided our craving for a burger would need to be fullfilled on our way home. I sent out a tweet asking for help, “Need #burger suggestion for #Toronto’s Parkdale and Queen West #emergency #help.” I immediately got a tweet from Sharlene who suggested the Beaconsfield burger. Funny enough our mutual friend Lucky had mentioned a while ago that their burger was one of her favorites in the city.

So off we marched, in the bitter cold toward hopes of burger heaven. I had actually reviewed The Beaconsfield some time ago with my family back in the day when I lived in Parkdale. I felt their burger deserved its own review as it was a momentous occasion. We sat down in our seats and our lovely hipster server asked us if we’d like anything to drink. I blurted out, “we need water, we are drunk, we came for the burger.” She laughed and moments later we were gulping large glasses of agua and munching on a robust burger and crispy frites. A perfect ending to a rather magical evening.

#325 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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