Review: Smith, Toronto

I can often be caught ranting and raving about how my neighbourhood, The Gay Village is a bit of a barren culinary wasteland. This past winter on one of those Friday nights where you find yourself totally exhausted after a long work week I called up my friend Mark and asked him if he was peckish. I was hungry and wanted to get out of the house and socialize but was too lazy to venture too far from home as I knew I was fatigued from a consuming week. I suggested we visit Smith as it had been open for over a year and I had heard good things about their cocktails and brunch.

I dare say Smith is the only restaurant on the Church and Wellesley strip worth telling people about. I was actually pleasantly surprised when reading through the menu that they were current and in the know on foods that are in fashion. Too often I find myself sitting in the Village at a restaurant which is serving up outdated dishes such as “strawberry and goat cheese salad,” so 1998!

I really enjoy the restaurants ambiance. It is quirky yet refined and a perfect spot to go on a date. I also love how their menu is featured in a newspaper style format (also a fan of their font!)

We enjoyed:

Millionaire Cocktail

Knob Creek Bourbon, Grand Marnier, egg white, home made grenadine, lemon juice, nutmeg

Fettuccini with Duck

capers, mint, grana padano

Harissa Roasted Chicken

frisee, eggplant, dates and chickpeas

#318 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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