Tawse Sketches of Niagara Riesling

Alicia came by my apartment to have a visit as she was in a town from her now native London UK. She works as Assistant Editor at the acclaimed Food and Travel Magazine so thought it was fitting I take a picture of her with her bottled gift. She drinks a lot of wine for work but mostly bottles from Europe so thought it was cute that she brought a home grown Niagara for us to share. We both went to high school together in Oakville so we caught up on our lives and reminisced over the familiar Canadian terroir which sloshed in our glasses.

The wine is pale lemon, almost platinum in colour with aromas of pear, spice, lemon rind, mineral and a floral element. Off-dry and fairly fruity, but also immediately freshened up with sharp acidity. Lots of citrus and mineral tones at play too. Mosel style meets a warm Ontario vintage.

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