Earth Hour at the CN Tower

Toronto was one of 6,494 cities in 150 countries — 511 in Canada alone — to participate in the sixth annual Earth Month Event. Saturday March 31st, with millions worldwide flicking off the lights in an effort to raise awareness about conserving energy and combating climate change. The CN Tower went over to the dark side by turning off all its exterior lights, while some business logos on highrise towers and hotels went dark.

I had only ever been up The CN Tower once before. My mother took my sister and I up the tower when we were very little. I remember the elevator ride but most importantly the revolving restaurant. I was so fascinated by the experience.

My friend Helen, who I met during my Euro Trip in 2006 in Salamanca (and later in Glasgow) was finally coming to visit me for a long weekend! It would be her first visit to Toronto I was keen to showcase the best the city had to offer. Her flight via Rome was dreadful but she did an excellent job staying conscious that evening.

After checking into her hotel and having a quick shower we headed to the CN Tower. I remember ranting as we ran, “hurry we have to beat the sun set!” I thought it was fitting that our first activity in Toronto was a mad dash to the cities iconic Tower. We were up the elevator shortly before 7pm. This is the perfect time to visit as we were able to take pictures (and enjoy the 360 degree  views) in day light and in the dark.

We started by walking around the main interior walk way. Full of children running about and young couples taking corny pictures of themselves with their smart phones. We took a few snap shots of the famous glass floors and then exited to the exterior walk way where we were technically walking outside albeit with a protective latticed fence. Just as the sun was setting we took another elevator up one more floor to a small observation deck. You have to pay an additional fee to get up this high but I really do suggest the splurge. The views here are spectacular and the glass is clearer and runs the ceiling to the floor.

It was interesting to be up the CN Tower during Earth Hour. Many of the buildings had been switched off but you could still see a vibrant stream of light on the highway and the cities main streets. I look forward to returning later in the year to review the 360 restaurant with “highest wine cellar in the world,” bragging rights.

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