Dopff and Irion Sylvaner

The Irion and the Dopff families were already wine connoisseurs in the 16th century and have been closely involved in the fortunes of the village of Riquewihr. The firm of Dopff and Irion was established when Rene Dopff joined fortunes with the widowed Madame Irion. But it was the Romans who were the first to recognize the potential of the small town of Riquewihr, located in the small valley at the heart of Alsace wine country in the foothills of the Vosges mountains. Today the region is famous for its white grapes which are surrounded by picturesque medieval ruins.

Their Sylvaner has a smooth delivery and steely dry finish which is really refreshing. It’s a pale, silvery coloured young white with a pleasant, mild nose of green pear and vague grapefruit.

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