Review: Toshi Sushi, Toronto

Toshi Sushi has been on my to do list for over two years. Celebrity Chef Susur Lee gave Toshi a serious klout boost after mentioning in an interview that it is his favorite place in the city to grab lunch (located a stones throw from his restaurant Lee). I found the perfect occasion to include Toshi in my culinary itinerary. I would be reviewing The Canadian Opera Company’s production of Tosca and needed to find a place to eat before attending a birthday party at The Spoke Club with my friend Jennifer Anne Dumaran.

Service at Toshi is lively and friendly. The chef standing behind his fish counter entertained patrons as they glorified each bite of his edible artwork. I ordered my two favorites (which I consider to be Japanese comfort food): Inari Sushi and Agadashi Tofu both of which Jenn had never sampled. She insisted we order a Spider Roll which would be my first foray into the soft sell crab camp. We both enjoyed sampling new treats and at the end of our dinner I had mentally marked Toshi Sushi as my favorite Sushi joint in Toronto. It now sits on my  Toronto Top Restaurants list!

We enjoyed:

Agadashi Tofu

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spider Roll

Inari Sushi

#278 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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