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I was recently invited to a media dinner at Mideastro in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. It was a freezing cold Tuesday evening. I blew into the restaurant from Bloor Station, hustling along Yonge Street with my hands shoved deep into my warm pockets in an attempt to avoid frostbite. Arriving at the restaurant on Yorkville Avenue, it was somewhat of a laughable dichotomy to have just been trekking through the fierceness of Canadian winter and suddenly now found myself in a Mediterranean inspired restaurant. I soon warmed up whilst sipping on proseco.

We were seated in the centre of the restaurant and as each plate was served the chef came out to introduce the history of the dish. Mideastro is exactly what Yorkville needs. A departure from the neighbourhoods staunchy Italian centric offerings. The restaurant serves up dishes from Israel, Syria, Italy and beyond. An interesting showcase of the Mediterranean regions best dishes, many of which I had never heard of to be honest. I would like to especially highlight their desserts. Everyone at my table was absolutely astonished by the deliciousness of the sweet finish of our meal. If you are heading to Mideastro make a point to order a few of their desserts they are some of the best I have had in the city!

We enjoyed (* notes my favorites):


ahi tuna, pumpkin, potato, hard-boiled egg, arisa

Falafel Sliders

pita and pickled vegetable salad


balkan light dough, tzatziki labane

Mini Lamb Soup*

Baladi Eggplant*

grilled eggplant topped with tomato heart salsa, Israeli feta, wild oregano, roasted garlic and herb tahini

Lahma Ba’ajin

Damascus flat bread topped with ground lamb, chickpeas and tomatoes in a sheep yoghurt tahini

Black Truffle Carpaccio*

12 week aged Wagyu tenderloin rolled on arugula, Parmiggiano Reggiano, balsamic and black truffle oil on a layer of pomegranate honey reduction

Grilled Calamari

served on lime root vegetable cream adn ox tail caviar lentil pot au feu

Red Snapper

baked in smoked paprika and tomatoes in root vegetable fish stock served on sweet arisa risotto

Lamb and Beef Grilled Kufta*

grilled tomato and eggplant stew covered in layer of fresh thin foccacia with hot yoghurt and tahina

Nutella Parfait*

frozen nutella cream, caramelized bananas, rich creme anglais, salted pecan brittle, Tuile cookie

Fig Kataiv*

crisp kataiv pastry layered with spiced mascarpone, fresh figs and pistachios

#277 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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