Review: Agave y Aguacate, Toronto

Everyone is talking about Agave y Aguacate. This little hole in the wall restaurant (and for the first time I can confidently say it is actually a hole in a wall, just you wait!) is serving up the most authentic Mexican food in Toronto. Jennifer Bain of the Toronto Star recently announced Francisco Alejandri (owner and chef of Agave y Aguacate) as Toronto’s Chef of the Year! An interesting prize for a “restaurant” located in the back of a cafeteria with a simple plastic tablecloth over top of a simple table. It’s hard not to compare this restaurants humble story to that of the nativity. The best Chef in the city is not in some glitzy, white table cloth restaurant. You will find him in a humble space in Kensington Market fastidiously preparing his little edible creations.

I spent the afternoon on a Tasty Tour of Kensington Market and planned to enjoy a late lunch with friends afterwards. Francisco was such a delight. My friend Wattshala seemed rather mesmerized watching him work away in his tiny kitchen space. I will definitely need to return to sample the other dishes on his menu. One visit simply will not do. I have added Agave y Aguacate to my Toronto Top Restaurant list, because it just felt, so right. We have a little Mexican Massiah working away in Kensington Market. Make sure to pay him a visit (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh baby).

We enjoyed:

Tosta Ana

Pork Rind Salad

Caldo Halapeno

#276 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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