Tickle Me Pickles

I was recently inspired to have a pickling party. As many of you know one of my favorite things in the world are cocktail onions. I could eat an entire jar at one sitting. So I wanted to use up a few of the vegetables in my fridge by preserving them into cute little mason jars. I have been preserving jams and fruit coulis for years but have never jumped into the pickling camp. Happy to say that it is an incredibly easy process and one that I will repeat often. I prepared each recipe with apple cider vinegar. So, invite a few friends over after a visit to the farmers market, pull up your sleeves and start tickling your pickles.

Using a classic Joy of Cooking Pickling Recipe I created three varieties:

Picked Radish with Red Onion, Fennel and Red Peppercorns

Picked Cucumber with Shallots, Mustard Seed, Cloves and White Peppercorns

Pickled Mexican Red Onions

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