Review: Campagnolo, Toronto

When I hear someone talking about Campagnolo I think of one of those deja vu day dreams that you can’t stop fixating on. After months of seeing the name pop up on food blogs, twitter conversations (read: food porn gossip) and written about by the countries top food writers…needless to say it has been on my mind for some time. I made a reservation when I returned from my Latin American Adventure in early January. I would be joined at the table by my friends Mike and Darryl who I had dined at Khao San Road with prior to my departure. We had a lot of catching up to do and no better place to do so than at a restaurant which has been described as one of 2011’s best and is now sitting on my own Top Toronto Restaurants List.

I was most excited to be doing my first restaurant review with my brand new professional hand held light. I am so thrilled to announce that I will be using this little gadget from now on to ensure that each plate of food on my blog looks exemplary…even if the restaurant is dimly lit and makes the food look as though it is being eaten in a cave or in a closet under the stairs. I would like to give Darryl credit for his lighting assistance and Mike for his patience at the table.

The service was exactly as it should be, the vibe was relaxed (even though I was more hyperactive with anticipation). The drinks list comes from a bartender and mixologist with great skill so do ensure you order a beverage that resonates with you upon arrival. Everything we ate was exemplary. I even had a quick photo shoot in the bathroom to showcase their funky yellow wallpaper! As we walked past the bar towards the front door with our bellies full two of the staff looked up and thanked us for coming. I stood for a brief moment and smiled. I felt as though I was in the last few seconds of a delightful RomCom. Campagnolo gives me warm fuzzies. I’ve got the comedy sorted out, now I’m just waiting for the Romance to reveal itself from behind the velvet curtain.

We enjoyed:

The Genuine Gift

groslings black seal rum, punt e mes, marasachino, absinthe

Tilly Jane

xante pear liquer, bianco vermouth, cynar, ginger

House Made Baguette and Gourges

chive butter

Escarole, Treviso and Endive Salad

pecorino, hzelnut, orange

Fresh Burrata Cheese

roasted grapes, baguette

Butternut Squash Agnolotti

walnuts, gargonzola cream

Lake Erie Pickerel

roasted cauliflower, cured cherry tomatoes, salsa verde

Campagnolo Cassoulet

duck, chili and garlic sausage, cannelli beans, parmiggiano toasts

Chocolate Delice

praline crust, candied almond, cherry syrup and peanut brittle semi-freddo

#267 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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