Review: Cold Tea, Toronto

I sat at my computer staring at twitter, paused and then quickly typed, “Heading to El Trompo for dinner in Kensington #toronto any suggestions for a spot to grab a drink before the taco feast?” In seconds I had two food writers and five food fans exclaim, “check out Cold Tea!” I do what I’m told.

The place is tricky to find but that’s what makes it the coolest new place in town to check out. The mystery of its location is part of the allure and reason why you want to be here. I arrived with Meaghan right after work. Two of the owners sat at the bar discussing which beverages to put on their final menu. The place had only been open for three weeks and they were still getting the kinks out. The bartender and owner who grew up in Vancouver chatted with us about his wicked little spot and how passionate he is about mixology. He seemed most proud of the back patio which is probably one of the coolest hipster gems in the city. I immediately thought how popular this place would be in the summer. Smoking dirty cigarettes in a mysterious magical backyard. It’s what summer romance is made of.

At the bar he insisted we sample his two favorite beverages: The Bruce Lee and Pisco Sour. The Bruce was served with chewy cherries and had been jacked up with Asian Five Spice. The Pisco Sour was refreshing (and numbed the pain in my back from typing all day at work which was obviously an unforeseen added bonus).

Check out Cold Tea if you 1) like to support small business 2) like rad patio’s 3) like nifty mysterious little locations 4) enjoy well crafted cocktails. Oh and they serve up Dim Sum a few nights a week #whatsnottolove #???

#257 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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