Review: Wendy’s Hamburgers, Toronto

It really is amazing how our childhoods impact how we eat as adults. Think about what snacks you most crave and I assume for the most part they can be linked back to your childhood. Our parents expose us to the world and their eating habits in many ways define how we eat as adults. Everyone I think has some very odd food pairing that they developed as youngsters. Mine is Lays Salt and Vinegar Chips with Orange Crush and Tootsie Rolls (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it).

I grew up in a family that ate at Pizza Hut and Harvey’s. My mom used to take us to Harvey’s to get a burger and she’d loiter around the condiment stand, stuffing napkins, salt and pepper packets and plastic cutlery for our lunches. Dairy Queen was considered a special treat. Once a year, when we had finished school we would get a chance to order whatever we wanted off the menu. I’d always order a peanut buster parfait and just gorge on the thing. My mother hates McDonald’s so it was only my father who would take us there. I remember visiting McDonalds after my sister had finished her figure skating practices. This is also where I learned about vending machines (chocolate shoots out of them…omg).

My family was not huge into “ethnic food.” I remember eating Ho Lee Chow “Canadian” Chinese food but didn’t try Indian, Japanese or Thai until later in high school.  Other restaurants that my parents never frequented were Taco Bell and KFC (considered to be garbage food), Arby’s, Popeye’s and Wendy’s.

So when I recently received a flyer with coupons from Wendy’s indicating that their hamburger recipe had been improved I thought it was a great opportunity to check it out. They exclaim that their burger is made of juicier and thicker beef that is fresh and never frozen. Their buns are also toasted with butter and sandwiched between new quality ingredients: hand sliced tomato, red onion and crinkle pickles.

I ordered:

1/4 lb Hamburger

Root Beer Frosty Float



The burger was mediocre. The bun was a bit eggy (it fully deflated when I grabbed it to put in my mouth). The meat was a bit flavorless and didn’t have that memorable flavor that a Harvey’s burger or even McDonald’s burger has. The fries were nice and crispy. The chili was watery and had rather large pieces of ground beef floating about like turds. Let’s just say that root beer floats and chili do not make a perfect pair. I did ask my twitter peeps what they suggested I should be ordering and a lot of people really like Wendy’s chicken offerings (which I evidently did not order this time around). I may give them one more shot but certainly will not be ordering their burgers for round two when my beloved A&W is directly across the street at Yonge and Alexander #nomno

#244 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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