Review: The 3 S’s Restaurant, Toronto

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to take my parents for a tasting at The 3 S’s Restaurant (Seafood, Steak and Song) this past weekend in Oakville.  I hopped on the Go Train at Union Station after work on Friday. They picked me up we sped directly to the restaurant on Lakeshore, for a 6pm reservation. The following day I would be acting as a judge for Oakville’s 100 Mile Culinary Mashup so I was excited to spend the weekend back at home eating well!

The restaurants menu focuses on Steak and Seafood offerings. The “Song” bit in their title is what really makes this establishment unique. All of the wait staff are trained vocalists. Throughout the meal waiters and waitresses ring a little bell, take the stage in the center of the space and sing! My parents were gripped with excitement. My mother had visited the restaurant three times before and was a fan (read: groupy) of one gentleman with a powerful operatic voice. I tried not to get too embarrassed when they both whistled, hollered and clapped enthusiastically after each ballad.

Reviews were also top drawer for the food that arrived at our table. Highlights were the Cab Sauv which paired well with the Steak Frites as well as the composed beet salad. The seafood gumbo featured hot sausage which created a nice spicy balance to the dish. The trio of desserts were a perfectly sweet finish.

After four hours of being romanced by live opera, fine wine and thoughtfully prepared cuisine from the kitchen we lost ourselves in the pink sun set that shot across the sky. We watched the sun set from our street side window seat…our eyes glazed over with contentment.

We enjoyed:

Q Water

Cuvee Cocktail: Cuvee Icewine with Pomegranate Liquer


White Blend Malivoire VQA

Cabernet Sauvignon “Phoenix” Penley Estate, Australia

Hearts of Romaine

crisp chopped romaine, bacon lardons, hard poached quail egg, croutons and parmesan crisp, dressed with roasted garlic and caper emulsion

Composed Beet and Grape Tomato Salad

local beets and grape tomatoes on a bed of organic arugula with crumbled feta, julienned red onions, balsamic reduction and herb emulsion

Nova Scotia Lobster Thermidor

half lobster poached, topped with spinach and swiss cheese veloute, saffron and turmeric steeped basmati rice and a glace of seasonal vegetables

Seafood Gumbo

seasonal shellfish, smoky andouille sausage, puffed couscous, fried okra and sweet poblano peppers in a rich tomato reduction

Steak and Frites

grilled French striploin with rapini, chili dusted crisp yukon gold frites and a peppercorn veal jus

Sweet Trio

creme brulee, new york cheesecake, rhubarb crumble

#223 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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