Review: Brunch at Origin, Toronto

I have been meaning to visit Origin for over a year now and was pleased to have the opportunity to enjoy brunch last weekend. The restaurant has received rave reviews in the papers and  by fellow food writers. Everyone I know personally who has visited exclaimed about the food but also added a footnote to the conversation about how pricey their menu is. I ended up spending 45 dollars for my portion of breakfast which may just be the most expensive breakfast I ever enjoy. I will savor the fond memories via this post.

Everything tasted absolutely incredible. The duck confit paired with blueberries on the french toast truly spoke to me. I was speechless. I’m obsessed with honey, pears and mozzarella so those of you who know me won’t be shocked by my selection.

We enjoyed:


Buffalo Mozzarella + pear + rosemary oil + pine nuts + honey

Buffalo Mozzarella + confit tomato + basil + preserved lemon

French Toast + duck confit + blueberries + hoisin +sesame seed brittle + sour cream

Singaporean Laksa

#220 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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