Review: Sweet Lulu, Toronto

I recently visited Sweet Lulu on Church Street (there are 3 locations in the city) with friends Jeff and Jonathan. The food was mediocre “Asian” which was underwhelming but provided the sustenance we required at such a late hour. The short and concise menu requires 5 Steps to place your order:

Step 1: Chose your Protein (don’t you love how that sounds?)

Step 2: Rice or Noodles?

Step 3: Flavour (aka sweet peanut satay or curry)

Step 4: Herbs? (no not MJ. Lemongrass, Shredded Ginger etc…)

Step 5: Go Nuts (cashews and peanuts)

Since we were in the gaybourhood we opened up a gay mag from France and decided to take pictures of each of our dishes with the man we found the most attractive. Food photography has never been so revealing!

I ordered chicken with thick Hokkien egg noodles, malay sauce, corriander, garlic and ginger.

#217 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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