Review: Pamier Kabob, Toronto

A new kabob restaurant has opened on Spadina just up the street from my work. All my Gap Adventure’s peeps seem to be in love, so I ran down last week to grab a take out lunch. I was so impressed by their food! My meal was so large that I was able to feed myself over two days #high5

Pamier Kabob is known for its Afghani inspired menu: basmati rice dishes, chicken, beaf, lamb, fish kabobs, and mild curries. I ordered a chicken kabob tandoori with side salad, naan and basmati rice. The naan was such a beautiful piece of art I barely wanted to eat it as I lovingly gazed at it from my computer. Afghani naan is different from what you may have had at Indian or Nepalese restaurants. Pamier serves up a naan which is much more dense, spotted with black and white sesame seeds. I was so pleased that my kabob was made up of good quality, juicy, breast meat (no need to worry about cheap cuts here). I will most certainly be returning to discover the rest of the menu…

…and I have! Add another picture of their chicken quorma. Very different from an Indian Korma (which usually features cream and ground nuts). Their quorma is served up in aromatic tomato based sauce!

#215 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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