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I have been advised time and time again by Toronto’s top beer enthusiasts that Bar Volo on Yonge Street is THE place to indulge. The restaurant just north of Wellesley Station has a beautiful patio, picture perfect for a long evening of quaffing. Their is no major signage so best to look out for the ivy that creeps up the facade. I walked in with my friend Brenda and was so enamored by the cutesy interior. The beers on tap are scrawled on a large chalk board. Bar Volo has been celebrated in the city for showcasing and advocating for Ontario’s best local micro-brews. I think this may be my new favorite spot to go on a first date (you can really check to see how adventurous your date is by what sorts of beers they are willing to sample).

I had been reading the menu for some time online in hopes of taking my mother several months back. I am a huge lover of arancini (deep fried risotto balls) and was eager to order these but was quickly deflated when I was informed by our server that the dish had sold out (and it was only 6pm!)

We ordered the following:

Denisons Weissbier


pan fried linguine pasta, double smoked bacon, onion, fresh herbs, organic egg yolk, parmesan

Austintino Pizza

caramelized leek, smoked chicken, mushroom, fresh tomato, chevre

The beers were fantastic (I am obsessed with German Wheat Beer as many of you know), and I do plan to return to Bar Volo to finger my way through their extensive beer menu. The food was a disappointment however. The carbonara was nothing close to what it should have been. The cook had allowed the egg to overheat which made the pasta look like it was covered in curdled milk (the purpose of the raw egg is to create a creamy consistency for the noodles). The dish also featured American style bacon which really should have been embellished with fatty lardon. The pizza was tiny and thick. It should have been billeted more like a elaborately decorated flat bread.

Bar Volo is all about the beer. I do give the restaurant credit for offering more than the typical pub grub but unfortunately I chose two items off the menu which were mediocre. I’d suggest sticking to their sandwiches/burgers and antipasto as I saw many of these marching out the kitchen. Had my lips smacking.

#205 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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