Pulled Pork Mac n’ Cheese

Every summer at the cottage each family member is in charge of making one dinner. I obviously like to spend about a month planning my attack in an attempt to trump mother, sister and father’s humble offerings. I sit here now sipping a glass of Riesling as my masterpiece bakes in the oven. I really do think this creation may be one of my best so am excited to share with you!

You will need to start by liberally buttering the bottom and sides of a large spring form pan. This “casserole” is built around the concept of layering so I have provided pictures of each layer to make the process a little easier for you to following along. After the pan is buttered lightly sprinkle with aged cheddar cheese. Set aside until pasta is finished.

Boil macaroni in salted water just before al dente (we don’t want the pasta to be perfectly cooked as it will be absorbing the cheese sauce in the oven). Once the macaroni is finished strain in the sink and add to a large mixing bowl with a dab of butter and toss.

In saucepan melt butter and add flour to create a roux with salt, pepper and nutmeg to season. Once the butter and flour have warmed and embraced each other into a thick roux add dijon mustard and whip together. Slowly add cream and whip until your roux forms into a thinner paste. Over the course of about 30 minutes slowly add one bottle of your favorite Wheat Beer and milk. It is so important to stand over the stove and watch carefully. If you don’t, your flour will form globules and ruin the consistency of your sauce. I am obsessed to the point where I continuously pass my bechamel through a sieve to ensure it is velvety smooth. Add mascarpone and allow to melt into the sauce. Over the course of the next 10 minutes slowly add your medley of shredded cheese until incorporated. Once the sauce is perfectly smooth pour over macaroni. I like to make so much sauce that it looks like a borderline soup. The pasta will quickly absorb the sauce so ensure to toss so all of the noodles are incorporated into the mix.

Now comes the stacking! Spoon the macaroni and cheese over top of the shredded cheese in your spring form pan. Shred more aged cheddar onto this pasta. Spoon finely minced pulled pork over shredded cheese. Spoon the remainder of your macaroni and cheese over minced pulled pork and sprinkle with aged cheddar. Dust prepared bread crumbs in your final step to kitchen glory. Pop your casserole into a 300 degree pre-heated oven for 45 minutes.

Place on your stove for 25 minutes allowing the pasta to cool. With ever such care slowly pop open your pan. Slice the casserole as if it were a cheesecake and serve with simple salad.

There is simply nothing more glorious than a cheese, pasta, cheese, pork, pasta, cheese combination! I swear by it! And that’s how I keep my average figure in tact!

For the Casserole:

3 T butter

3T flour




2 T dijon mustard

1 bottle Wheat Beer

1/4 cup 10% cream

1 1/2 cups milk

1/2 cup Parmiggiano Reggiano

1 1/2 cups Aged Cheddar

1/4 cup Gruyere

1/4 cup Mascaropone

2 cups pulled pork



For the Topping:

bread crumbs






garlic powder

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3 Responses to “Pulled Pork Mac n’ Cheese”

  1. Jackie
    August 11, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    oh. my. goodness

  2. Madge Aalto
    February 18, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    Your Montreal visit sounds great and I remember is with great affection. Back inthe 70s our destination was Les Halles
    On Crescent Street. Don’t guess it’s still around, but it was wonderful in it’s day. Am looking forward to trying the Mac and Cheese, but Denny’ or abc restaurants is advertising it here, so I’d been a bit dubious…

    • dobbernation
      February 19, 2013 at 10:04 am #

      Thanks for saying hello Madge! Hope you are well in Vancouver you are likely to see my sister soon!