Review: Fickle in Love, Toronto

A new “Vietnamese” Restaurant recently opened on Yonge Street at Alexander. An odd choice for a name, Fickle in Love features a beautifully well lit interior with modern white seating. The entire space is covered in hearts and the lighting changes throughout the night (from purple to pink, Hello Kitty fan friendly). These illumination changes actually made a few people in the restaurant “ooo and ahhh” during the meal. Brenda and I opted to sit on the stools directly overlooking Yonge Street which proved to be the best decision. Perhaps one of the best spots in the city to stare out at Toronto’s many crazy’s.

Unfortunately the restaurant is missing a few pieces of the success puzzle. We were offered a menu when we sat down that mentioned in big bold font, “10% off any orders over $25 to celebrate our opening.” We chose to order over $25 to take advantage of this deal. Not until we got the bill were we told that this promotion was no longer being offered. We were also advised that the chef has continually tweeked the menu and apparently, the final restaurant menu will be available soon. A few other items that erked me: the restaurant is dubbing itself as a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant. This irritates me as both countries have wildly different cuisines. When you sit down and look at the menu you will notice other food staples from Thailand. This is basically a generic “Asian Canadian Restaurant” that specializes in nothing and tries to offer everything.

We both ordered #121 Vermicelli Combination which is served with shredded lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, mint, peanuts and fish sauce. You get have the option of choosing three items from a list of eight. Brenda ordered spring rolls, sugar cane shrimp and grilled beef. I ordered spring roll, grilled pork meat balls and lemongrass chili chicken.

The steak was tender, the shrimp was crisp, spring rolls were jam packed full of goodness. I was so upset over the fact that my Lemongrass and Chili Chicken was entirely void of lemongrass or chili. This is probably my all time favorite Vietnamese dish and all they served me was a BBQ chicken breast. The best Lemongrass and Chili dish I had in Vietnam was during my stay in Hue (a thin pork cutlet) which you can see here for reference. I was also a bit shocked by the bill. I paid just shy of 20 dollars for my bowl. The place is overpriced and inauthentic so be warned (don’t let the pretty lights and hearts trick you!) You are better of putting your hard in dollars in the hands of  The Golden Turtle and Pho Hung which receive top marks for offering reasonably priced authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

#202 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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