Review: Kiva’s Bagel Bar, Toronto

I have been dying to take the journey north of Bloor to explore a bit of Jew food for some time now. Many a Few friend of mine had advised me that Kiva’s Bagel Bar was a great place to start my adventure. On a slow and sluggish Sunday morning I made a mad dash up to St. Clair Station to meet my friend Warren (official Jew Guide). The restaurant slogan, “Hand Rolled Since 1979,” prepares the passive diner of the heritage and carbohydrate whimsy of the menu. The menu features all of the classics: Matzha Ball Soup, Bagel’s a plenty slathered with cream cheese, Chalah and Rugalahs and ample salad offering. Brunch menu features plenty of egg based creations. Definitely the perfect spot to stop by for your weekly bagel run.

We enjoyed:


Sesame Bagel with Egg Salad


Greek Omellete with Double Poppy Seed Bagel

Greek Salad with Tuna and Double Poppy Seed Bagel

#201 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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